The journal works hard to maximize the impact of published research. The key points on which the journal focuses to promote the article are

Social Media

The journal shares article on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Sharing the article makes it more visible, potentially increasing downloads and citations.

Monthly Alerts

It is important for researchers and academicians to stay updated with the most recently published information. The journal’s Monthly Alerts give you early notice of the journal content and keep you informed of the research developments in your field.

Data about the Data

With the help of metadata, articles can be easily and correctly indexed and discovered by the research community. Choosing appropriate metadata as well as off-page SEO strategies helps in promoting the published article.

Email Promotion

The journal, with author’s approval, invites colleagues, faculty and peers of the author to access the article online. The journal shares article link with the author’s network and beyond.

Search Engine Optimization

The journal ensures that the title, abstract, and keywords are clear and searchable. Title and abstract are the text fields which are most usually searched and read. To be spotted, articles must be structured with search engines in mind. SEO increases the outreach of the article and helps in getting it more cited, enabling author to cultivate a stronger reputation.

The Wider Web

Activities like adding Wikipedia page containing the topic related to the article as a reference to the article; updating the details of article publication in the author’s faculty or professional website; author registering for unique ORCID author identifier and adding details of the article to his or her profile etc., help in reaching of article to the wider web.


The journal welcomes short videos or podcasts from authors which convey the essence of the paper directly to potential readers. Along with articles, podcasts and videos are also frequently cited.

Press Releases

Immediately after publication of the article, issue releases or selected articles of the journal will be released in press. The journal welcomes authors to highlight the published article of the journal to the media.

Homepage Display

All the recently published articles’ details will be displayed on homepage of the journal. This makes the articles easily visible.

Print Sharing

After publication of complete volume, the journal will circulate the volume to all subscribers in the form of a print copy.