Benefits of Partnering with us

Rapid Publication

Specially designed Content Management System of the journal helps in producing manuscripts in a shorter and more predictable time to market. The journal significantly reduces article processing time and offers fast publication while maintaining rigorous peer review. Every stage of processing of publication is monitored to allow the article to flow in an efficient and timely manner. Total time taken for the manuscript to appear online is less than 20 working days. The journal continues to work on implementing new methodologies to improve and fasten the workflow to ensure that scientific publishing matches the pace of scientific discovery.

Article Promotion

The journal works hard to maximize the impact of published research. The key points on which the journal focuses to promote the article are:

  • Social Media: The journal shares article on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Sharing the article makes it more visible, potentially increasing downloads and citations.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The journal ensures that the title, abstract, and keywords are clear and searchable. Title and abstract are the text fields which are most usually searched and read. To be spotted, articles must be structured with search engines in mind. SEO increases the outreach of the article and helps in getting it more cited, enabling the author to cultivate a stronger reputation.
  • Metadata (or data about the data): With the help of metadata, articles can be easily and correctly indexed and discovered by the research community. Choosing appropriate metadata as well as off-page SEO strategies helps in promoting the published article.
  • Email Promotion: The journal, with author’s approval, invites colleagues, faculty and peers of the author to access the article online. The journal shares article link with the author’s network and beyond.
  • The Wider Web: Activities like adding Wikipedia page containing the topic related to the article as a reference to the article; updating the details of article publication in the author’s faculty or professional website; author registering for unique ORCID author identifier and adding details of the article to his or her profile etc., help in reaching of article to the wider web. 
  • Monthly Alerts: It is important for researchers and academicians to stay updated with the most recently published information. The journal’s Monthly Alerts give you early notice of the journal content and keep you informed of the research developments in your field.
  • Multimedia: The journal welcomes short videos or podcasts from authors which convey the essence of the paper directly to potential readers. Along with articles, podcasts and videos are also frequently cited.
  • Press Releases: Immediately after publication of the article, issue releases or selected articles of the journal will be released in press. The journal welcomes authors to highlight the published article of the journal to the media.
  • Homepage Display: All the recently published articles’ details will be displayed on homepage of the journal. This makes the articles easily visible.
  • Print Sharing: After publication of complete volume, the journal will circulate the volume to all subscribers in the form of a print copy.
After promoting the article, if author wants to know how the article has reached the audience, the journal will help you by providing the citation alerts.


English Polishing

Our fast, affordable, proofreading and English editing services establish an appropriate professional scientific tone in your writing and return a polished document with improved understandability and readability. As part of our standard editing process, manuscript is reviewed twice; the first round of revision is made by a native English speaker, and the second, by a highly qualified academic editor of respective specialization.
Our team of experts fixes any errors relating to

  • Sentence and Paragraph structuring
  • Consistency of verb tenses
  • Lexical choice and Vocabulary Usage
  • Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Wordiness, Redundancy and Plagiarism

High Quality & Rigorous Review Process

The peer-review process of articles is never compromising and the quality is undoubtedly of high standards. The journal imbibes a thorough, neat and clean peer review process by very eminent and world’s leading scientific experts, thereby flushing out the cognizance paucity and empowering access to relevant information timely, about the upcoming and ever-changing developmental process. The journal is primarily based on values centered on loyalty, commitment, scientific accuracy and ethics. Our rigorous review process accomplishes our core aspiration to give just right and accurate information to the global citizens.

Authors Retain Copyrights

Authors automatically own copyright for their works and can reuse or share the data of their work. Authors have the exclusive right to:

  • Copy the work (i.e. photocopies)
  • Distribute copies of the work
  • Create derivative works
  • Publicly perform or display the work
  • Authorize others to do any of the above

No Space Constraints

The journal provides unlimited space for extensive data, tables, figures and video footage. It is very rare for the journal to reject an article on the grounds of space since the space is not an issue for the journal. Shorter or longer manuscripts are accepted, provided that the research gives a sound addition to scientific knowledge and constitutes a useful contribution to the field. 

Open Access: High Visibility & Citability

The journal makes all content freely available to all researchers, academicians, and general public worldwide, ensuring maximum dissemination of content. Our open access policy and our research advertising tools ensure high visibility and maximum exposure of research output to the widest possible audience. Apart from high quality of the paper, citations of the article also strongly depend on visibility. Open access has a positive impact on increase of citations.

Lifetime Hosting

Once the article is published in the journal, we host it for lifetime. Our published articles will exist forever online and will be under human monitoring for 24/7/365 days. Our skilled administrators’ team, advanced web servers and software technologies guarantee optimal security and reliability to the data that we host.